Meet the Gordon Family!

They recently finalized the adoption of their youngest son, Silas.

From left to right, Susan Gordon, son Liam, son Kieran, Kenneth Gordon, and son Silas.

"We were very inspired by the pastor Voddie Baucchaum to start praying about foster care. When we started praying about it, God just urged us to pursue it! Run for it! We began to see it as a calling for our family. Doing foster care was never about us, it was about bringing a very big light (Jesus) to a small child's very dark world. We have been so blessed in our journey. Is it hard? Yes. Is it emotional? Yes. But, God has been so faithful to us, our children, our foster children, and their families. We've shared Christ with people whose paths we normally would have never crossed. Now we consider them family. That is foster care to us. God bless!"

The Gordon's

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