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The Haynes Family
Justin and Brittany
Southeast Louisiana

How many years have you served as a foster parent, and to how many children?

1 year 7 months to 6 children

Why did you become a foster parent?

We knew God had specifically instructed us to become a foster family. We want/wanted to love children and provide stability when they needed it most. Basically…to further serve God.

Why do you continue to be a foster parent?

We see the need and have a God-given desire to provide a loving home for children when they are in desperate need. We also are increasingly aware of the brokenness within families and want to continue helping share Jesus with the families of these sweet babies.

Describe your family dynamic.

We are church planters from North GA who moved to New Orleans for seminary first, and then for church planting. We have been married for 11 years and have 4 biological children.

What is your favorite activity to do as a family?

We enjoy being outdoors. Some activities are walk-ing/hiking, exploring, sports, and water activities. We love being together and being silly in everyday activities!

What has God taught you as a foster parent?

  • Forgiveness - It is a very difficult task to watch children you love being hurt by those who are sup-posed to be taking care of them. We have learned to forgive and to love through difficult situations.
  • That all children are His. Loss is a natural part of fostering and you learn to grieve while drawing closer to God. We can rest in the fact that His kids are in His hands, while they are in our arms and after they are gone.
  • To depend on God even more. We have learned that we cannot walk this fostering journey in our own abilities. We have to fully and completely rely on God and His strength.

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