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Baptist Church
Baton Rouge, LA

Why did you decide to become a Connect 1:27 Church?

We believe that all life is valuable and precious and we want to provide love and support to those in foster care, foster parents and adoptive families in any way we can.

What does your church do as a Connect 1:27 Church?

Istrouma prays for those involved in foster care and adoption, hosts events for DCFS, such as Foster Care Focus Groups, and we’re excited to partner with DCFS and Open Table to walk alongside youth and young adults that are aging out of foster care. We look forward to new ways to serve those involved in foster care and adoption in our community in the future.

Is there a specific event or ministry in your church that supports Foster and Adoptive Families?

We are just getting started with Open Table, a partnership with DCFS for transitioning children out of foster care.

What is your advice to churches who are considering becoming involved in Foster and Adoption Ministry?

We would encourage other churches to become involved in some way with foster care and adoption. There is no specific advice as we are just getting started with an actual min-istry (Open Table), but I would ask any church, why not become involved when the need is so great?

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