Connect 1:27 is a ministry of the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home that focuses on the needs of Foster Families. Through a partnership with DCFS and years of experience working with Foster Children, we are able to provide the expertise and support to Foster Families beginning the incredible journey of making the difference in the life of a child. Connect 1:27 knows that more support given to Foster Families ultimately results in more loving, stable homes for our neediest children.

What does it means to be a Connect 1:27 Foster Parent?

From the start:

Connect 1:27 offers Foster Parent Information Meetings to give initial, basic information and answer all questions without any commitment.

Foster Care Specialists:

Connect 1:27 has Foster Care Specialists in many regions in Louisiana to provide professional support, and that can conduct, write and submit the home study and other certification requirements for our families. Our specialists build relationships with our families to provide ongoing training and support.

Connect 1:27 Churches:

Connect 1:27 has a network of churches who work with us to provide ministry and support to our foster families. Our Connect 1:27 churches help raise awareness for the critical need of foster families in our communities, and provide space for trainings and often support nights that provide meals and special services for our families. We also reach out to the pastors of our families to let them know about this important journey and ways they can provide support.

Family Partners:

Connect 1:27 has a unique process to ensure that our families have support from their church AND the friends and family they identify to be partners. Family Partners fill out an application to receive training and general information about how to support their Foster Family. This ensures solid relationships to provide additional support.

Emphasis on Trauma Informed Care:

Connect 1:27 understands the diverse needs of children “from hard places” and partners with Texas Christian University, the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development to provide information and training in TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention). We also have TBRI Certified Practitioners on staff to support our Connect 1:27 families.

How to Become Certified

In order to become a certified foster family through Connect 1:27, applicants must meet all Louisiana DCFS requirements as well as Connect 1:27’s additional requirements.

DCFS Foster Parent Requirements

Additional Requirements:
  • Church Membership/Involvement
  • Signed statement of Faith
  • Identify 3 Family Partners who will commit to supporting the foster family and child.
  • Read the book The Connected Child and complete the online book study.

What if I am ALREADY a Foster Parent through DCFS but want to be a Connect 1:27 Family?

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DCFS Intro to Foster Care

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