Families who are already certified through DCFS can join our Connect 1:27 Families Network to access our services and support.

By becoming a Connect 1:27 Family you will join a Network of like-minded foster families who are answering the call of James1:27. You will also be connected to churches in the Connect 1:27 Network who provide support and training for Foster Parents.

Connect 1:27 has Foster and Adoption Specialists to help navigate our families through the complex and sometimes frustrating journey of staying up to date on certification processes. We also have TBRI Practitioners on staff to provide training and consultation in TBRI

Connect 1:27 has a unique process to ensure that our families have support from their church AND the friends and family they identify to be partners. Family Partners fill out an application to receive training and general information about how to support their Foster Family. This ensures solid relationships to provide additional support.

Connect 1:27 Additional Requirements:

  • Church Membership/Involvement
  • Signed statement of Faith (Link to one that can be submitted)
  • Identify 3 Family Partners (link to the app-once created) who will commit to supporting the foster family and child.
  • Read the book The Connected Child and complete the online book study. (This will count for THREE of your required training hours!)
  • To be Connected to the Specialist in YOUR Region and find out more about becoming a Connect 1:27 family, please submit the following information:

    To view connect127.org on your phone, scan the above code!
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